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Lawn Care Service Plans

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Lawn Care Service Plans

Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. uses Bio-Green’s premium quality, environmentally friendly fertilization products exclusively. Additionally, our team of professional lawn care technicians customize every treatment application based on your lawn’s needs, seasonal weather, and specific growth patterns. Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. develops a personalized routine for your property that nourishes the soil, strengthens the root system, and promotes emerald green grass that will quickly become the talk (and envy) of your neighborhood!

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Premium Quality Services At an Affordable Price

At Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC., we strive to deliver superior lawn care solutions at competitive pricing to ensure the very best customer experience possible. If you’re not completely satisfied with our applications, just let us know. The Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. team will retreat your property to deliver the results you deserve. Want to hear more? Contact our team today. Be sure to ask about including mowing services with your customized lawn and turf program!

Lawn Care

Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. delivers premium quality lawn care services, applications, and treatments to home and business owners in the Tri-Cities area. As a locally owned and operated business, our team of landscape professionals knows Washington lawns. Since 2002, the Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. team has created customized lawn care service plans that nourish, strengthen, and beautify properties throughout the region.

We specialize in several vital lawn care services, including:

Fertilization Program

At Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC., we use Bio-Green products as the cornerstone of our continuous lawn care fertilization program. Bio-Green’s specially designed lawn and plant nutrition formula effectively nourishes your lawn from root to tip promote healthy, green, and lush new growth. Most importantly, Bio-Green’s high-quality fertilizer is 100% safe for the environment, children, and pets so you can feel good about using it to treat your residential or commercial property.


Market-leading fertilization products are only one component of a successful lawn care program. At Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC., we’ve developed a highly customized approach to our year-round fertilization that allows us to treat our clients properties on a lawn-by-lawn basis. Our professional crew of landscapers have the skills, training, and experience needed to carefully evaluate your yard and identify signs of disease as well as any specific threats and vulnerabilities. We use our unparalleled industry insight and extensive understanding of our local weather conditions and growing patterns to customize every fertilization treatment. The Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. team creates the right fertilizer mix, balance, and materials to achieve optimal results.


Sometimes, high-traffic grass needs a little extra TLC to achieve optimal health and strength. Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. professional aeration services break up compacted soil to redistribute vital nutrients where they’re needed most. Our specialists can eliminate thatch and repair turf damage for a soft, thriving lawn you’ll loving spending time on.

Professional Weed Control

Consistent and effective weed control plays a crucial role in long-term, sustainable property health. Here in Washington, several indigenous weeds can run rampant throughout your lawn, bare ground (gravel driveways, bare lots, etc) and Shrub Bed treatments choking your root systems and depriving your soil of essential nutrients. Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. offers a full suite of weed control services that target and eliminate unwanted growth to maintain a robust, thriving landscape.

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