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Professional Irrigation Services

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Professional Irrigation Services

Your irrigation system plays a vital role in the overall health and strength of your lawn…as long as it’s performing as it should. Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. offers a full suite of irrigation system services. We offer repair, maintenance checkups, startups, shutdowns and installations. We deliver whatever you need to keep your irrigation system operating at maximum capacity.

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Irrigation Services

Do you feel like, no matter how much you fertilize your property, you just can’t achieve golf course quality turf? The problem may lie in your irrigation system. At Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC., we know that proper irrigation plays a crucial role in any effective fertilization program. A functioning irrigation system fortifies your property with the moisture needed to combat:

  • Drought conditions
  • Disease and weeds
  • Soil deficiencies

Best of all, a well-run irrigation system saves water, money, and precious time, making it an invaluable resource for busy property owners who prefer to spend weekends enjoying their yards, not watering them.

At Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. we understand that much like the vehicles we drive, our clients watering systems require consistent care and maintenance to keep them running at maximum capacity. Over time, even the best watering products can begin to show wear and tear. Broken valves, clogged nozzles, or even an unfortunate mower blade misadventure can compromise your sprinklers, jeopardizing the progress of your fertilizers and hindering the overall health and vigor of your landscapes.

If you haven’t had your irrigation systems checked recently (or, ever), Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. can help. We specialize in a full menu of irrigation services that increase the performance of your sprinklers to ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs to stay healthy, beautiful, and strong.

Our irrigation capabilities include:

Routine Maintenance And Repair

At Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC., we’ve earned our reputation as a leading provider of irrigation maintenance and repair services. We highly recommend routine system checkups every 60 days to keep your sprinklers operating as they should. Our trained and skilled technicians can work on any brand and can identify a wide range of potential maintenance and repair needs including:

  • Leak elimination
  • Parts replacement
  • Controller testing
  • Sprinkler calibration
  • Water pressure adjustments
  • Valve Location

From homeowner-installed products to full-scale, professional systems, Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. maintenance and repair program keeps your sprinklers functioning correctly at all times. Best of all, if we do notice a problem, we usually have everything we need in our trucks to ensure our clients don’t have to wait for delivery on parts and valves.


Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. also offers installation services to home and business owners in the region. Our seasoned technicians will partner with you to understand your property layout as well as your specific watering objectives. We can create a custom layout plan that delivers precise, consistent watering to your lawn, beds, and gardens.

Start-Up Services

The beginning of the watering season is the perfect time to evaluate your system and ensure it’s ready to do its job. We’ll clear out any built-up debris in the piping, prime the waterline, assess water supply and pressure, check controllers, and test individual sprinkler zones.

Shut-Off Services

Properly winterizing your irrigation system can improve performance and increase overall longevity. The Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. crew arrives ready to drain the lines, blow out sprinkler heads, and perform a thorough system evaluation to shut your sprinklers down for the season.

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Ready to see why we are Tri-Cities’ go-to resource for sprinkler repair and maintenance? Contact the Jeff’s Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC. team today!